DKIM Instructions

What is DKIM and what is it used for? #

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is an email authentication method that allows a receiver of an email to check that the email was sent by a system authorized by the owner of that email domain.

In terms of the DataTalks CDP, this will allow us to send emails to your customers on your behalf without these messages being marked as spam or phishing attempts when being received by your customers.

How can you set up DKIM? #

When setting up your sending domain in the DataTalks CDP, 3 domain keys are generated for you, these 3 DKIM keys need to be added to your DNS Domain host’s records.

The process of adding these records will differ depending on the domain provider you are using.

Setting up DKIM with your domain DNS provider: #

The DKIM records you will receive from us will look as follows:




The 3 records will need to be added as CNAME records in your DNS domain hosting providers DNS records management console. You can find links to instructions for some popular domain hosting providers in the table below.

DNS/Hosting providerDocumentation
GoDaddyAdd a CNAME record
DreamHostHow do I add custom DNS records?
CloudflareManaging DNS records in Cloudflare
HostGatorManage DNS Records with HostGator/eNom
NamecheapHow do I add TXT/SPF/DKIM/DMARC records for my domain?
LoopiaDNS: CNAME/A records for external website
WixAdding or Updating CNAME Records in Your Wix Account
WordPress.comManage Your DNS Records –
SquareSpaceAdding custom DNS records to your Squarespace domain
JoomlaDNS Management – Joomla! Domains by BRANDIT
ShopifyEditing the DNS settings for your Shopify-managed domain