What is the GET API? #

To fetch data from the Data Talks CDP you can use our GET functionality. This functionality enables you to retrieve all data regarding a profile that we have stored in the Data Talks CDP.

This is done on the Profile(s) data point. The result you get back is all the data we have about the specific profile in a JSON structure. This payload will contain all the profile attributes, events that the profile has done as well as campaign statistics, and which segments the profile is a part of.

How do you use the GET API? #

To use this functionality you can either call our API using the GET method. To do that you need to use the datatalks_id of the profile.

The GET method works by calling this url:<some_guid>

You can also use this functionality by using the POST method. In that case, you need to use the following payload:


2 "type": "my_datapoint_type",

3 "hardIds": [

4 {

5 "hard_id_1": "my_hard_id_1",

6 "hard_id_2": "my_hard_id_2"

7 },

8 ...

9 ]


This is an example of the return payload:


2 "success": true,

3 "messages": [],

4 "requestId": "438b5fcc-9ecc-42ba-b6c4-c3drf83a4805",

5 "key": "MY_AWS_ACCESS_KEY"