Getting started with Data Talks CDP

Data Talks CDP is a Customer Data Platform that helps you create a world-class customer experience, based on your data.

It consolidates useful customer data from several channels and data sources. It provides organizations with streamlined access to deep and specific insights about their customers. Data Talks CDP contains first-party data that you can then enrich with second and third-party data to create a holistic view of your customers.

This unified Profile data becomes available to other systems, such as a Marketing Automation tool, Advertising platforms etc, which means that you can act on your data and the insights you get.

Key Benefits of using Data Talks CDP #

  • Get a 360 °customer view. Data Talks CDP is designed to combine data from different sources and create a uniform customer view. This way you as a marketer can better understand your target group and their behavior.
  • Get transparency in your marketing efforts. With Data Talks CDP analytics capabilities you can clearly see what you are spending and how each channel and campaign is performing. This way, you get transparency in your digital marketing efforts.
  • Gain insights that help you make better decisions. By gathering, analyzing and acting on your customer data you can make better and reality-based decisions. Your company can respond to changes faster, both in regards to the market and with customers.
  • Focus on business benefits. Today, many marketers and analysts spend a lot of time collecting and understanding data. By automating this and getting it delivered in real-time, you have time left over to create profitability and a better customer experience.
  • Create a better customer experience. By having a 360° customer view you can create a unified customer experience. Today, we use more channels and devices than before, and we expect the experience to be the same. This becomes possible, thanks to Data Talks CDP.

How does Data Talks CDP work? #

  • Integrates all your data sources. Data Talks CDP comes with a set of out of the box integrations such as Google Analytics, Facebook and other Social Media, Marketing Automation tools and other popular third-party systems. Does your system do not belong to the list of those integrations? That is no problem for us. The Data Talks team can develop and configure customized integrations that will allow us to fetch your data.

    What you need to do:
    1. Map out the various data sources. Identify which data you want to stitch together. Bring your ERP, CRM, POS, and online behavioral data in one common place.
    2. Define use cases. Articulate and design what you are actually going to do with this data once gathered. We’ll help you along the way.
    3. Data Ingestion & Integration. Our experienced developers will set up the integrations in cooperation with your team in a fast, secure & GDPR compliant environment.
  • Builds a 360 °customer view of your customers’ journey. Data collected from the various sources is combined to create a unified customer view. This way you can better understand your target group and their behavior.
    Customers today expect a personalized and consistent experience across all channels. This becomes possible, thanks to Data Talks CDP. With it, you’re also fully equipped to increase engagement, build loyalty, boost sales, prevent churn, and re-active dormant customers.
  • Automate & Personalize every touchpoint with Marketing Automation. Marketing Automation helps you to increase efficiency because it does exactly what the name unveils: it helps you to automate marketing tasks and processes. The objective is to manage repetitive and time-consuming tasks, while delivering a personalized, relevant and engaging customer experience.