Empower your teams with unified customer data

With our Customer Data Platform, you can collect, visualize and act on your data to create an outstanding customer experience.

Collect, Analyze and Act on your data in real-time

Connect data from scattered sources (offline/online, structured/unstructured) into a central repository
Build a unified customer view that includes all known interactions and touchpoints. Manage profile information in real-time across different channels.
Act on insights
Present personalized omnichannel messaging across owned & paid channels. Target the right person, with a relevant message, at the right channel and at the right time.

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Data Talks CDP in a nutshell

Get a common truth and unified overview. Streamline the access to deep and relevant customer insights.
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CDP components and capabilities

Data is the secret to creating a relevant customer experience. A CDP is the software that easily unifies your existing data to create a single customer view, which you then can act on in second or third-party tools
(like a Marketing Automation system). 
Data Ingestion and Integration

Data Talks CDP consumes all kinds of online and offline data; from spreadsheets to social media data.

Just to give you a taste, PRO eats for breakfast data such as event-level behavioral data (e.g. websites, apps, mobile browsers),  demographic & firmographic data, transactional data, offline & modeled data (e.g. RFM models, propensity scores, next best action)

There is no data source that we can't consume!

Real-Time Segmentation

Data Talks CDP makes it easy for you to define and manage rule-based segments on the fly.

How is that even possible?

Based on our modern data processing pipeline, which can deploy decision-making rules to endpoints or streaming architecture, everything is possible!

Privacy & consent management

Govern the flow of customer data through all of your systems, which is critical for regulatory compliance, smoothly.

We help you handle data anonymization (if needed),  user deletion or any other process that is critical for your customers' privacy.

Customer Profile Management

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could connect many different identifiers from multiple platforms and devices in real-time to enable people-based targeting, personalization and measurement?

Through deterministic and probabilistic matching, we create universal and persistent consumer profiles by solving the identity of customers and visitors across different states (known & unknown).

Expose customer data to other systems

As a Marketer, you want to be flexible when it comes to which external channels can consume your valuable customer data.

Integrate out-of-the-box with any software system through our connectors and ready-made APIs, allowing access to data for deeper analytics while boosting customer engagements.

Power your Marketing with AI & Machine learning

Our CDP leverages AI and ML behind the scenes and makes this sophisticated technology available through our user interface  eliminating the need for specialized AI and ML expertise.

Using AI and ML functionality, you can apply mathematical, algorithmic, and scientific methods to improve every aspect of attracting and serving customers.

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Empower your teams with a unified customer view.